2017 Summer Futsal

 $85 per match nothing more to pay


Teams Joining must pay a $170 Team Bond

The Bond will only be used if a team gives us less than 24hrs notice for a forfeit.

All games weather it being (freindly, grading or competition games) are $85 per game.

What makes us unique and different to other futsal centres :-

- New Teams play a Grading game against a Div 1 Team, this will give us an indication of your teams skill level.

(All Competitions are graded to teams skill level)

- first 5 rounds of competition, teams are promoted or relegated due to strengths and weeknesses. (Double point games will then take place to games missed)

- Promotion and relegation between grades to ensure all teams

are evenly matched against there opponents (This happens at end of competition ready for the new competition)




for more information contact

Michael on 0418756253