Parent review on Coach Aiz.

Can’t heap enough praise upon him. An exceptional rapport with the kids.
His character and approach to coaching make the kids want to go along to training.
He’s patient, considerate and great communicator.
My youngest doesn’t want to yet play futsal but he loves going to training because of Aiz. That alone is great feedback.
Aiz’s training is well structured, disciplined, has a set plan for each week and builds upon skills introduced in week prior.
All while making it fun for the kids. They truly love him.
Importantly he has also introduced a moral and ethical code kids should follow while playing futsal ie;
Teaching respect, firstly for your teammate, your opposition, and the ref., thanking and shaking their hands at the end of a match and teaching them why you should respect them.

I’ve worked with and trained under a plethora of coaches in various sports at local and representative level and Aiz is truly on par with the best of them.
And because he is, Aiz’s name comes up in parents and kids conversations away from futsal and thus promotes the game and will surely build membership.

Make sure he’s paid enough to ensure he sticks around. A great person to build a club around. Should market him to the schools.

Robert Palm (CPA)