Hi Everyone,

We are a small local Futsal Club (Indoor Soccer) and we are trying to raise money for a local team to go to Argentina and represent Australia in a Futsal World Cup Tournament.  This is from 8th of December to 12th of December 2018.

The members of the team live here in Brisbane Australia, and we believe that due to their hard work and dedication to the game that they deserve the opportunity to show case their skill. Without this opportunity they will not be able to go.

The money raised will be used for the airfare to Argentina for 12 players, 1 coach and 1 manager + their uniforms.

We would like to hopefully raise enough money as soon as we can as we would like to book the tickets before the prices go up, and as December is usually the peek period.


This fundraising is very important to us as a club as we try to support players that work hard but may never get the opportunity to play overseas let alone represent Australia.  I think it will be a good incentive for the players to train hard and show others their skill and love of the game of Futsal.

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